crush it by garyvee

CRUSH IT! – Book Summary And Book Review

CRUSH IT! – A book by Gary Vay Ner Chuk: Must-read book for the content creators. This book encourages following the passion and guides on monetizing it.

I ordered the book CRUSH IT! almost a year ago from amazon. I was learning some quick reading techniques at the time. So, once I acquired the book, I started using it, but I missed the point of the book and didn’t find it really intriguing at the time. As a result, I return the book.

After that, I keep getting recommendations for that book on Amazon or by email. Over the course of a few months, I’ve been getting glimpses of the book. I began to wonder if there was something in this book that I was overlooking. I’m not sure why it’s still coming to me. Is there something I’m overlooking?

So I decided to give the book another try, and I reordered CRUSH IT! This time, I ordered another GaryVee book to go with it, and it is CRUSHING IT.

I restarted reading Crush IT! because I was so eager to finish it. This time, though, the reading experience was completely different. I got into the book and began to appreciate it. The book is so captivating that I look forward to my daily reading time to continue reading it.

crush it by garyvee
crush it by garyvee

Gary’s life narrative began when he was a child and migrated to America. He began to describe how his passion for wine helped him build his firm from $4 million to $10 million and beyond along the way.

According to Gary, there is no job in the world that does not need hard effort and hustle. But if you make your passion your job, that hard labour won’t seem like work to you; it’ll feel like a fun game that you’ll want to play every day, and that will encourage you to strive for it every day. In this book, he also explains how to discover your actual passion and turn it into a business.

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In this book, he insists a lot on building a brand around your passion. He believes that every company, big or little, needs a brand. People used to spend a lot of money on traditional commercials on TV, radio, and newspapers to create their brand. However, in today’s internet age, it is not as expensive as it formerly was. To build the brand, he recommends using FACEBOOK, TWITTER, WORDPRESS, TUMBLER, and other online tools. In his book, he explains in detail how you can effectively use these tools to establish your brand and generate word of mouth for it.

According to Gary, you’ll need a lot of patience to establish a business around your passion. It is not easy; it necessitates a great deal of effort, but you will succeed because it is your actual passion, and you will enjoy doing it.

Another thing you’ll need, according to Gary Vee, is authenticity. People will not trust you or your brand if you are not authentic.

GaryVee explains the entire content development game from the ground up in this book. He also emphasized the need of deciding on a medium for expressing your enthusiasm, such as writing, audio, or video. He claims that not all mediums are suitable for everyone. Find out what your DNA says about you. If your DNA is to write, you will be able to communicate more effectively through writing. You will do well in videos if you are a video person. You can use an audio medium if you are bashful and can’t come in front of the camera but can talk extremely well.

crush it by garyvee
crush it by garyvee

GaryVee explains how to leverage Facebook, Twitter, and a variety of other technologies to improve your branding and word of mouth. He also teaches how to monetize your passion and when is the perfect moment to do it.

This book appeals to me and would be beneficial to any content developer. If you’re new to content development, you should start by reading this book. Have a thorough understanding of the game. If you’ve gotten to a particularly high level in the content game, you’ll find something in this book that will help you speed up your content development process. So go ahead and pick up this book and read it.

To order the book from Amazon, go to the link below.

Crush It! Why Now is the Time to Cash in on Your Passion

I am yet to read the next book (CRUSHing It!), will surely add a book review once I am done reading it.

Crushing It!: How Great Entrepreneurs Build their Business and Influence and How You Can, Too

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