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Weekly Wisdom Live It Up Life
Weekly Wisdom Live It Up Life

Your Self-Talk Has Power To…

In Any Situation, You Can Become of These Two:

  • The Victim of the situation, Halts there & Cry about it
  • Take Charge of the situation & Move On

Now, question is, How do you become a Victim of any situation or How do you Take charge of it?

The answer is Self-Talk.

At any given time, our mind always keeps on chattering about past regrets or maybe about future worries.

When any discussion or situation occurs (that is not positive or not in our favor), our mind keeps on chattering about it.

Now, in this situation, two things will happen.

[1] You can feed your mind with more such chatters by continuing to think about the incident(or by thinking about any related incident in the past with the person).

In just a few seconds, your mind will take over, and you will lose control over your thoughts.

In just a few minutes, your mind will convince you that you are the victim of the situation and you are the person who is treated badly.

[2] Or you chose NOT to feed your mind with such chatters and can take charge of your mind.

Well, How? By NOT involving in the thought process but observing each and every thought, and letting it go as it comes.

Do not be part of it, but just let thoughts come and go, can help you see the matter from a third-person point of view, and help you find solutions to your problem, and help you win the self-talk too.

Hope this helps!

Boundary Between Letting GO and Addressing Things

At times, with situations, we have to learn what we have to address and what we have to let go of.

There is a very thin boundary between those two, but our peace of mind depends on it.

It is a skill that we can learn with the passing of time.

If we learn what to let go of and what to address, that could save us from:

  • Energy loss
  • Time loss
  • Unnecessary thought process after the event

Learn what to let go and what to address; gift yourself peace of mind.

Take a pause of 30 seconds to think about it.

You are way beyond your natural gifted abilities

You can become what you want.

Your growth totally depends on your:

  • Ability to UNLEARN old limiting beliefs.
  • Ability to LEARN new things with consistency.
  • Ability to be OK with failures, learn from them, and move on.

Don’t wait there for LUCK and MOTIVATION to happen.

Start NOW and things will start to happen.

Three big enemies of peace of mind

Three big enemies of peace of mind.

  • Expectations from others
  • Seeking recognition from others
  • Not being aware of own thought process

Pause a bit and think about it.

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  1. Very well said. if you are able to control the three enemies mentioned above then everything sorted and peaceful life

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