Did your innocent kids have ever embarrass you?

If you have kids, then you must have an experience that they have the ability to put you in a spot with their innocence. You might get embarrassed by their truthfulness. Let’s see once such a story of a mother and a kid.

Nitya and her 6 yrs old son – Sam, just reached Sam’s favorite restaurant, McDonald’s. Sam was very much excited since they are out for lunch after so many days, due to the pandemic. Sam was roaming here and there in the restaurant along with singing his poem aloud. Sam was so happy and excited that people could not help but notice him in amazement and laughing. Nitya was busy giving their order at the counter. The restaurant was not at all crowded, very few people were there in the restaurant at that time. Nitya returns with Sam’s favorite meal. Sam and Nitya headed towards the place to sit. They found a table and they sat. While there were settling down, one couple came and sat at the table beside their table. Due to the pandemic, every alternate table was marked as NOT TO BE USED. So the people can sit with proper social distance. But the couple sat at a table where it was written NOT TO BE USED. Sam notice and said immediately ‘They are sitting at the wrong table’. While he said that his finger was pointing right to the table. He was loud enough to get heard by the couple sitting on that table. Nitya tried to control the situation by telling Sam ‘No, they are not dear’. But the couple already realized and left the table in embarrassment, and sat on another table. Little embarrassed by Sam’s behavior, Nitya could not realize how to react since Sam was correct.


Kids often place their elders on the spot. You as a parent might have faced it many times. But kids are very innocent. What they say, and how they behave is all based on what they observe. During a pandemic, we all have heard and seen many times about social distance in public places. Sam just did what he had seen. Nothing wrong. But that moment made Nitya embarrassed a little. Do you have any such moment where the truthfulness of your kid made you embarrassed a little? Do write it in a comment section below. I also like to hear your feedback on this article. If you like this article, please do share it with your friends and family.

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