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Book Recommendation: The Magic of Thinking Big

Do You Want To Achieve Big Results and Great Success For Yourself? Then THINK BIG. If you wonder, ‘Is it that simple?’, then Yes it is. This can change your thinking pattern from negative to positive. Read on to find out how The Magic Of Thinking Big works.

‘I can’t do this’.

‘No, it’s not possible for me’.

If those phrases sound like you then, this post has the power to change your thinking pattern (toward your progress) and help you achieve (what you think is) unachievable in your life.

I am talking about the book, “The Magic Of Thinking Big” written by “David J Schwartz”.

As the name of the book suggests, there is magic in thinking BIG.

Tell me how many times it happens that, you think of bigger achievements for yourself.

I think very few times, right?

Most of the time, it happens that, we underestimate ourselves.

When we come across new or challenging things, the very first reaction we have is, ‘No, it is not my cup of tea, or I can’t do it’.

We fear a lot to think big for ourselves, in both our personal and professional life.

The book THE MAGIC OF THINKING BIG, says people who achieve great results are not special people than us. But they dare to think BIG for themselves.

Now, the question is, how those people can think big for themselves, and you and I cannot do that?

The answer is ‘Belief in own abilities’.

We do not have belief in ourselves or our abilities.

Those people (who achieve great results) do this by putting belief in themselves and their abilities, making themselves apart from the rest, winning their battle, and succeeding.

This way they put their positive mind to work, which in turn helps them find a solution (instead of showing them many reasons to fail) to any obstacles they face and keep on winning.

The conclusion is ‘Thinking Big’ is the biggest power most of us underestimate.

From now on, don’t underestimate yourself or think low of your capabilities.

Think Big. (Dig deep into the topic by reading the book).

The content I shared here from the book, is hardly 2% of the book knowledge.

This book has so many useful nuggets and tips to offer for self-improvement.

If you want to change your negative thinking pattern and achieve big results for yourself then grab this book.

Here is the link to the Book, The Magic OF Thinking Big.

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