5 (Shocking) Disadvantages of Not Having a Routine For Yourself

Many of us think routine is boring, and make life monotonous, but it is reversed.

However, not having a routine can make you less productive and you end up wasting a lot of your time doing needless things.

You might get surprised to read the below-mentioned downside of not having a routine for yourself.

1. You stress about the number of tasks to be done

Without routine, you become overwhelmed by the number of tasks to be done. 

However, on the other hand, the routine can help you decide a time and day for tasks to be done. 

So once the predecided time for the task comes you start working on it.

2. You fool yourself with the randomness of the task

Without the routine, you keep on doing your task randomly as it comes your way, and your priority task may take a back seat.

It seems like you are accomplishing a lot, but doing tasks randomly won’t get you consistency. On one day you are working on something and on the next day something else.

3. You become stuck in a dilemma of ‘What’s NEXT?’

Without routine, in spite of having enough time, you will always be in a dilemma of ‘What to do next?’, and a lot of your precision time be wasted on decision-making for what next.

4. You miss out on the opportunity to schedule a new task in your routine

Without routine, you have no idea, of whether you are in a position to say YES to a new task or not.

You fail to answer, ‘where can you fit that task into your day?’ 

5. Less motivating days pass on without working at all

At times when you don’t feel like working, you give up easily on your task, without having a routine. 

On the other hand, the routine will set you on autopilot mode for working on your task, so irrespective of whether are you in the mood to work or not, with the routine in place you keep on working on the task.

Hope it is helpful to you and pushes you towards setting your routine.

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Great books on routine. Here are the links:

I have some great books on routine, that I have read myself. Hope it helps.

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