Forgiveness: Forgive others and gift yourself peace of mind

“Forgiveness is a blessing that heals you”. We come across many incidences in life. Some good and some bad. The good incidence left us with happiness and good memories, whereas the bad incidence left us with bad memories, sorrow, anger and grudges. We humans usually recall bad memories more often than good memories. While thinking of it we suffer a lot in our imagination.

“We suffer more often in imagination that in reality.” – Seneca

Incidences that cause us pain, anger, grudges and regret; does not end there. In our quiet moments, these experiences and emotions come into our minds and make us angry again. This way we keep on feeling that pain again and again. If you want freedom from that pain and sorrow, then you have to learn the art of FORGIVENESS.

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What happen if you don’t forgive?

If you don’t forgive the person who has wronged you, then he/she will still be in your mind, occupying a good amount of space as a bad experience. Till the time you do not forgive him/her truly and deeply from the bottom of your heart, you will not find peace with your present. You will always be in the anxiety of thoughts that you have faced in past. This way you are ruining your present good moments as well. Forgive the person, even if he/she is not sorry for what is done, because you need to make peace with your past to move ahead in your life. You cannot move happily ahead with the burden of grudges. So forgive the person, and move ahead. If you can’t forgive just forget him/her as he/she doesn’t exist at all on this earth.

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Benefits of forgiving:

  1. Forgiveness will help you feel light in your mind, and you will realize that you were carrying a very heavy load.

2. You will be free from all chatters that had the power to appear any time in your mind due to a bad experience.

3. You will become positive, you will create space for new thoughts, and will be able to see new opportunities, that you were unable to see due to anger, regret.

4. Once you forgive from bottom of your heart, it is very less likely that you recall that bad experience, or in case you do, then also, it is very less likely that you will feel pain and sorrow that was associated with that incident.

5. You will make room in your mind for new ideas to emerge. You will be able to focus better on your life and work.

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Try to forgive the person who has intentionally or unintentionally wronged you. If you find it difficult to forgive, then try to totally forget about that person or experience. This way you will never carry the burden of your past in your present.

Pause and Reflect: Are you reflecting better?

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P.S.- I do understand that not all acts are forgivable. Being humans, we can draw a line between things that are forgivable and not forgivable. So understand that it and act accordingly.

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