Tips To Read Fast And Better

Reading Tips: How To Read Fast, and Better in 2024

We all know the benefits of reading. However, we all face the problem of not having enough time to read. There are many books that are so good that if you read them they have the power to change your life for good. What if we can learn, how to read books faster and better so that we can retain most of the information that we read and not just be stuck on reading one book for months? Here, In this post, I will share some of my personal reading experience and tips that help me read faster and better.

Here it goes, Reading Tips: How To Read Fast, and Better in 2024

Keep books visibly available to you

Keep the book visibly available to you and not in a cupboard or inside a bookshelf, or any other place where it is difficult to reach the book.

Buy the Kindle version

Buy the kindle versions of some books, don’t buy all paperback or hardcover. So that whenever you feel like checking your phone, instead of reaching other social apps, open your kindle and start reading. You won’t believe it, but I could finish reading some books while I have my morning tea.

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Do the parallel reading

To read faster, do parallel readings. I never read a single book at a time. I might be reading book 1 in the morning, book 2 in the afternoon, and book 3 in the evening. With this, you will do parallel progress on reading, and it will, in turn, will give you a change from the same reading, so you will not get bored and be enthusiastic enough to read.

Do the active reading

To read fast, this is the most important point. Most people read books from the first page till the end of the ebook. If they don’t like the book, still they can’t skip the book out of guilt for not completing the book. If something in the book does not relate to you then feel free to skip that part and move ahead.

I don’t read each and every word from the first page to the last page. Similarly, if any book does not strike a chord with me in its first few pages then I skip that book and move on to the next one.

Keep purchasing books

Keep purchasing books from time to time (while they are on sale at amazon), this way you won’t have an excuse for what to read next. Reading keeps on going without break.

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Don’t read the book because it is a bestseller

Many readers do the mistake that they go with a bestseller and can’t complete it since it is not in their interest. Before you purchase any book, read reviews, and summaries. Read some parts of the book in the kindle version, then decide if you really want to read it or not. Then make a purchase.

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