The $150M secret by Guillaume Moubeche

Why Every Entrepreneur Must Read The Book ‘The $150M secret’ by Guillaume Moubeche?

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur and looking for a road map or guide to build your SaaS (software as a service) product? Do you have a coding ability and want to escape your 9 to 5 job? Want to create a business out of your coding skill? Then the book ‘The $150m secret’ by Guillaume Moubeche is the perfect pick.

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Do you want to escape your 9 to 5 job and start something of your own, but your fears won’t let you start?

Are you waiting for a good business idea to start your business?

Have you dreamed of starting your business, but feared that you might not get an investor?

Do you fear that no one going to like the product you create and you end up wasting your precious months/years?

If any of these questions sound familiar, then you are not alone.

These questions keep lakhs of aspiring entrepreneurs from starting something of their own in which they have real potential.

There are many myths about running a business:

  1. You need an investor.
  2. You need an excellent idea.
  3. You need a big team.
  4. And many more…

But these are just myths. 

Entrepreneurs can succeed without investors or funding. And without a big team or big idea. And the living example of it are Guillaume Moubeche (Author of the book The $150M secret) and David Heinemeier Hansson & Jason Fried (Author of the book ReWork).

I know at this point you have so many questions that, without these, how can business be possible?

The book The $150M secret by Guillaume Moubeche can answer all your questions.

I have been reading it for the last few days, and it has blown my mind with some great insight and nuances of the SaaS business.

This book is easy to read as it is author’s entrepreneur journey, and you can easily finish reading it in 10 days. Unlike the heavy business books, that bore you with business nuances in very boring methods.

In this book author shares his experience of running a SaaS business, and what worked best for him and what not.

The book will answer the questions that are natural for any aspiring entrepreneurs, for example:

  1. What kind of product makes any business successful?
  2. How to test the liking of the audience towards your product (even before you start building the product. So that you can decide if it is worth developing that product or not)?
  3. How to build a product-specific audience while your product is still being built?
  4. When it is necessary to look for funding? And when to avoid funding and why?
  5. When to expand your team and recruit? And when it is best to be a small team?
  6. How to use social media to your business advantage?
  7. How to build a community that supports your business?
  8. And many more…

If you also have troubling questions related to starting and running a business/start-up, then give this book a try. Trust me, you won’t get disappointed.

The 150M secret

So, without delay, click the link to order your copy of the book. And get all your questions answered in just the next few days, and kick-start your entrepreneur journey.

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