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The Secret – Rhonda Byrne – Book Review and Book Summary: A Single Book To End All Your Sufferings

The Secret – Rhonda Byrne – Book Review and Book Summary. Want to end all your sufferings (of health and wealth) and fulfill your desires but are unable to do so?

Do you feel you are capable of achieving many things in life but your negative thinking pattern is stopping you from achieving it?

Do you desire to have that luxury car and big property but it seems impossible for you to get it due to financial contain?

If any of these is true for you then this book (The Secret by Rhonda Byrne) is your solution for all your wealth and health-related issues. It has the power to help you achieve great health and wealth.

The Secret is a best-selling book by Rhonda Byrne. In this book, Rhonda explains some powerful techniques to help you positively change your life and help yourself align to receive health and wealth easily without resistance.

So let’s start with the book review/summary of the book The Secret By Rhonda Byrne.

The Secret Review – What Exactly is The Secret?

You are constantly living the secret but you are not aware of it. That is why you are living it in the wrong way and attracting the wrong things into your life.

The secret says, ‘Your thoughts become a thing’. Whatever you think all day long you attract it into your life. So tell me what have you been thinking lately? Are you thinking positive thoughts and good things for your future self? Or your mind is on a negative track.

So to attract good health and wealth, ‘think of things you DO want, instead of what you DON’T want’. People make mistakes here and keep thinking about what they don’t want and attract those negative situations in their lives. But if you want good health and wealth think of it.

To think positively first you have to ‘listen to your thoughts and the words you say in your mind as well as in real life’. Unconsciously, we keep on saying negative words and thinking negative thoughts. This imprints in your mind and becomes your second nature.

  • Focus on something with passion, it will happen faster.
  • Your mind thinks the thoughts and pictures are broadcast back into your life.

The Secret Made Simple

  • Your feelings tell you what you are thinking. You can’t feel bad while thinking good thoughts. or you can’t feel good thinking bad thoughts.
  • When you feel bad you are on frequency to attract more bad things.
  • When you feel bad, then change your frequency by changing your thoughts.
  • To change your thoughts, you can think of old good memories, future events, funny moments, or listen to good music.

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How To Use The Secret

To use, The Secret

Decide exactly what you want. Asking is done as you be clear in what exactly you want.

Believe that you are going to get it and don’t doubt it.

Have feelings of already having that in your life. Feel it strong that, you already have it.

This will help you align your thought process and change your frequency to what you want, and the universe will receive that feeling and do anything to get you what you want. Don’t question HOW you are going to get it. Just BELIVE and have FEELINGS of already RECEIVING it.

To practice this, start applying this to small things that you want in your life, maybe a book, or a cup of tea. Once with the small thing, you get confidence and later on can apply secrets to attract big things in your life.

Powerful Process of GRATITUDE to help you apply The Secret

GRATITUDE is being grateful and thankful for what you already have in your life.

It is the best way to change your energy and thinking process to the correct frequency.

When you feel grateful for what you already have, you intentionally emit a frequency of satisfaction and happiness to the universe. In turn, the universe will bring more good things into your life.

The feeling of jealousy, resentment dissatisfaction or feeling of not having enough will bring more such circumstances and events into your life.

So feeling gratitude for the things you already have is the best way to change your thoughts and feelings and send out the correct frequency into the universe.

When you ASK (as you get clear in what you want), say or write down things you want with starting each sentence as “I am so happy and thankful for ….”, then complete it with what you want (this car, or this house).

This way you will send out frequency to the universe that has satisfaction and happiness, the feeling of having it now. And the universe will bring more such pictures into your life.

The Secret book by Rhonda Byrne
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Powerful Process of Visualization

Visualisation means running the pictures or movies in your mind, of what you want. This will help you feel the same feeling now, that you will feel after you get it. Say you wanted one specific car, then visualize yourself getting the key to that car from the person who sold it. Imagine your friends and family members are congratulating you on your new car. Also, visualize yourself driving it. This way you will bring yourself to believe that the car is already yours. When you FEEL the feeling of having it (what you wanted) NOW, then your thoughts will change and so do your frequency and the universe will change the people, circumstances and situations to give you what you have visualised.

If you just run pictures in your mind and don’t FEEL it or believe it then it is not going to work.

If you think like ‘I will get that car shortly.’, then also it will not work. you have to feel the feeling of having it NOW.

of the book I could only cover a few important nuggets from the book. To take full benefit of the wisdom shared in the book, you must read it by yourself.

You can grab the book The Secret from the below link:

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