What is your special moment today?

It was a busy morning as usual. Trisha was busy in her morning hustle-bustle. She had dozens of small things to be accomplished as a part of her daily routine. She was rushing just to accomplish some of them if she can. She rushes to another room to get something, where something caught her attention. Four sparrows were sitting on the safety grill of the window of that room. Two of them were sitting on the upper rod of the safety grill and another 2 of them were on the bottom rod of the safety grill. Cute little birdies were chirping. One of them flies a little and comes back again to sit beside its partner bird. It was a sight. She was overwhelmed by the cuteness of these small birds. She felt like standing still and watch cutes birds as they singing their morning song in chorus. But that could not become possible as she had entered the room in so much hurry, that made all 4 birds fly away in 2 seconds. Just one glimpse of their together chirping took place in her heart. She felt so peaceful at that moment. She thought, “I wish I was not in a hurry to make birds fly away. I wish I was not in a hurry so I could see them a little more”.

Just like Trisha we also miss so many special and peaceful moments in daily hustle-bustle. Many precious moments come and flew away just because we are in hurry and do not have time to notice them. So sit back and relax for a while at least for 5 minutes. Notice your surroundings and observe nature. Feel this moment. No phone, no television. Click the pause button in your daily routine just for 5 minutes to find your peaceful happy moment in a day. You will surely be amazed by so many discoveries. So have you had your peaceful moment today?

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8 thoughts on “What is your special moment today?

  1. Yes its so true that we get so busy with our daily routine that we miss some very best moments ..Well written , and keep posting such beautiful thoughts .

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