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9 Parenting Advice From Family Wisdom – From The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari: Book Summary/Book Review

We all know very well that parenting is a tough job. Every parent comes across their kid’s tantrums and demands all most every single day. It becomes essential that we provide kids with all values and wisdom that help them in dealing with their tough and stressful times. This article is a book summary of a great book by Robin Sharma named “Family Wisdom – From The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”. It will provide you with a lot of insight into parenting.

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You (as a parent) are constantly being watched and observed

Robin Sharma says’s “Leadership in life begins with leadership at home”. Parents are kids’ first learning institute. Kids learn from their parents all the time. So rather than yelling at kids to be more polite, parents should be more polite to them. He also says: “The best way to inspire your children to develop into the kind of adults you dream of them becoming is to, first become the kind of adult you want them to be”.

Kids are constantly learning from their parent’s behavior with them and with others. They will follow and do things that their parents do. It is a kind of blessing and curses together at the same time. A curse – because you say something to your kid or any other person in your anger, your kid will absorb it and apply it when the time comes. A blessing – because with the very same thing you can make them understand what is the correct way of behaving. You don’t even need to tell a single word to explain the correct behavior.

Book Summary can never be a replacement to read a book. If you are a parent or going to be a parent soon, I highly recommend reading this book. Here is the book link. Go get your copy as soon as possible Family Wisdom By Robin Sharma.

The best gift for your children is your quality time

In his book, he has written that the ‘Best gift you can ever give to your kids is the gift of your time”. It shows them that, you truly love and value them. Nothing else is as precious or as important.

We as a grown-up have a lot to be done in this big world. But kids’ lives are limited only to their parents, family, or friends. Kids have a very small world where their parents are very important to them and almost everything to them. This is harsh but true, that parents actually have very limited time with their kids. Once they are grown-ups, they will leave their nest to go out and win the world. Once kids become 16 or 17 years old, their ambitions make them take new paths and they have a strong urge to leave their sweet nest. So let’s make the most of it, while they are around, and give them the quality time they deserve.

Family Wisdom – Spend Quality Time
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Create a family vision agreement

In his book “Family Wisdom”, Robin Sharma insists on Creating a family vision agreement.

Now, what is the family vision agreement? It is your vision for your family as a parent. For example, your vision is that you want to spend quality time with your family every day. You want a happy, healthy, and wealthy family. You want your children to do good in their studies. Once a year has a great vacation time with them. So in the Family vision agreement, you as a parent write down all these on paper and keep it or stick it in a place where it is accessible all the time or visible all the time for you to review.

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How will the family vision agreement help?

  • Family vision agreement will serve as a daily guide to make wiser choices about how you spend your days and invest your time.
  • Keep your focus.
  • Knowing exactly what you want for the future of your family, protects you from the negative influence.
  • It will help you keep the picture in mind.
  • This enables you to focus on a vital task for your family regularly and eliminate unimportant tasks like wasting unnecessary time on your mobile or in front of the TV.

So what you focus on in your life grows and what you think expands.

Fill your home with great books

In his book ‘Family Wisdom’, Robin Sharma says: One of the best gifts parents can give their children is the love of reading and a passion for good books. Develop in your kids, the discipline of daily reading. It may be 30 mins reading session every night. You can even read to them on regular basis. Reading habit will influence their life in a positive way. By filling your home with great books and taking the time to read to them even for 15 mins a day, you will send a powerful message to your children that reading matters. No better legacy to leave to your wonderful children than a library containing the thought of wise people.

Family Wisdom
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Create a learning culture

Teach your kids to be hungry for knowledge and thirsty for wisdom. Coach them to love books, music, and ideas. This will help your kids to succeed in this world of boundless changes.

Family Wisdom
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Connect them to nature

In his book Family Wisdom, Robin Sharma says that, add flowers to your home. It will add color, and keep you connected to the simple pleasures of life. It will teach kids that nature is a positive force in our lives. Take them to woods or gardens, where they can collect leaves, and add rocks to the big ponds. The time kids spend in the natural surroundings will do wonders for their creativity. Let fresh air pass through every room in the house. Fresh air will give you a high energy level and excellent health. Breathing properly is to live properly. Let a lot of sunlight into your home. It will warm the soul and make things most pleasant.

Have a good family time

In his book Family Wisdom, Robin Sharma insists on, having good family time every day. Your environment shapes your thinking. If TV is always ON, radio or video games are always ON, then your home will never be heaven from the outside world. Make sure your house is calm so that your family member loves to spend time there.

Make family culture

Try to make family culture i.e. daily meal where the whole family sits together to enjoy each other’s company. There you can share your whole day’s events and funny stories. It is an excellent opportunity to reconnect at the end of the day.

Laugh together

Robin Sharma has written in his book that families must make time to laugh together. To do that, the family can watch funny movies together. Teach your kid’s power of a good belly laugh. He says, “Laughter is the shortest distance between people & wisest way to deepen your human connections. Show your child that being an adult is not such a serious thing”.

Book Summary can never be a replacement to read a book. If you are a parent or going to be a parent soon, I highly recommend reading this book. Here is the book link. Go get your copy as soon as possible Family Wisdom By Robin Sharma.

So that was part 1 of the summary of Robin Sharma’s book “Family Wisdom – From The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”. I love to know your thought on this article in the comments. Don’t forget to share the article with your friends and family. Do not forget to subscribe to this blog for such interesting useful book summaries.

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