Things to do in your 20s: How to get the best out of your 20s time?

How to get the best out of your 20s time? Before preceding, let’s first understand what the 20s are. People of the 20 years to 29 years age group are called to be in their 20s. People of this age group are high on energy, full of ideas, have a lot of time, and have lesser responsibility. They have the benefit of time and freedom. But they are surrounded by lots of distractions too. If people of this age group can channel their energy, time, and idea in the right direction they can achieve a lot in their life. In this article, you will get some key things that are best to be done in the 20s. Here it goes Things to do in your 20s:

Try different jobs or different businesses

Once a person graduates, he/she has the pressure of getting a job. Unless and until a person gets a job, he/she is under constant family pressure of getting a job. After getting a job, if you are not happy with the type of work you are doing in the job or type of company you are in or type of industry you are in then don’t just stay there to things to get improve in the future. Just move on and find yourself a new job. If a second job doesn’t work for you, then also move on. Don’t stop till the time you get, what you want for yourself. Keep experimenting.

Many of you will not agree with this, but let me explain why it is good to try different things in your 20s. Since in your 20s, you have freedom and time, and you might not have the responsibility of the family to take care of, or kids to raise, or might not be having a big loan. So on the financial front, you have less responsibility and full freedom. So you can utilize the maximum of this time and freedom to try different things and get to know what you like to do the most. It is NOT possible for anyone to keep changing jobs or businesses, in their 30s, since one will definitely have more responsibility in their 30s time.

Even if you want to start your own business then the 20s is the best time to do that, since you have enough time, energy, and less financial responsibility. So make the most of your 20s time to find out what is that one thing that you love to do and love to do for the rest of your 30s, 40s, and 50s. If you don’t find out that one thing in your 20s, then it may be possible that in your 30s you may get bored with what you do. Then at that time, you will not have that freedom of time and responsibility to find out what you love to do. In spite of the fact that you don’t like what you are doing, you have to keep doing it. So make the most of your 20s time.

Keep learning new things

Once we graduate or postgraduate, we think, our learning is done. But true thing is, LEARNING NEVER STOPS. The more you learn new things, your opportunities to work on different things increase, and you get to discover new things that you are good at or love to do. This will open up new opportunities to EARN.

Due to some reason or due to bad circumstances, you get to stop working in the current field, then you still have opportunities to work and earn. So keep learning new things.

Learn a story-telling skill

We all have so much to say, but no one to listen. Why should other people pay attention to what you have to say? People will only be interested in you if you are a good storyteller. if you have a great way to convey your thoughts and ideas. If you are a great storyteller, then people will come to you to listen to what you have to say, instead of you running after them for their time. It is a supper power in this era.

Read a Lot, I mean, A LOT…

Many will find it difficult to read or do not like to read at all. But reading will take your knowledge to a higher level. You will become calm with reading. At the workplace, you have to deal with different kinds of people. At times it becomes more difficult to deal with people than the main work you do for the company. There are many great self-help books that help you improve yourself at a personal level and professional level. It helps you solve the many problems that arise on the professional and personal front. So make reading a daily habit and read as much as you can. Make reading your daily habit till your last breath.

Save as much money as you can while in your 20s

In the 20s, a person is less thoughtful about saving money. Or he/she has a lot of attractions to different gadgets or any other entertainment. Because of that most of his/her income goes into such expenses. But a person in their 20s should be saving at least 10% to 15% of his/her earnings. After saving the rest of the money can be used to do such expenses. This will help you create your wealth passively.

In case, you find it difficult to save 10% to 15% money from your income then, check on your expenses and reduce the ones which are not necessary. Also, try to generate multiple income streams. It will be best if you can generate a passive income stream for yourself (like you create some content or course in which you work for once and it generates income while you are sleeping).

This 10% to 15% of the money that you save will help you create your wealth. How it is possible, that you will come to know in the next key point.

Start early investing (start even before your 20s)

The 20s are the best time to start your investment (If you can start your investment journey at age of 18 or before that, then it is even better). Since at that time, the best ingredient that you have is TIME that will help your money COMPOUND over the next 20 to 30 years of span. That is just enough to make you wealthy and help you become financially free till the time you reach your 40s.

Now when investment comes, many find FD is the safest thing to start the investment. But FD rates are decreasing day by day and Inflation is increasing day by day. In this case, the 4% fixed return that FD is giving may not be of the same worth next year, since inflation has increased by 7%.

To get more ideas on it read my article on How to create Wealth for Financial Freedom.

To get the best return on your hard earn money savings, start investing in MF or stocks or in other instruments that are reliable and can give you at least 15% to 18% return over a period of time (in the next 5 to 10 years of span).

Guidebook for your 20s

Make your network big but don’t get influence

We come across many people while we are in college or at our workplace. But we hardly communicate with all. We restrict ourselves to like-minded people, who think, behave, and react just like us. There is nothing wrong with getting along with people who are just like us. But this will restrict us to a very limited environment. This will limit us from getting to know other people, who do not think, behave or react like us. It restricts us from learning different human behavior. It restricts us from getting to know the new point of view of any problem or situation.

If you follow this point, then it has a strong chance that you get the influence of not-so-required things or habits. Remember this is to increase your network and eventually increase your thinking horizon. In doing this, you have better set boundaries for yourself to till how much extent you should get influence.

Mistakes to Avoid in Your 20s

Take good care of your mental and physical health

The 20s are so energetic time when you will hardly get to think of your health at this time. What you eat, and the exercise you do or don’t do will impact you for the rest of your life. In your 20s you will not find any problems due to your wrong diet. But it will surely show up in your 30s or 40s.

Take good care of your physical health as well as mental health. Do regular exercise to keep your body fit. To keep your mind fit, do meditation. Meditation will also help you keep calm while the whole world around you is in so much chaos. Irrespective of any situation you will be calm with help of mediation. You will be able to handle tough situations with calmness. Trust me, a healthy mind and a healthy body are the best wealth you can ever have.

Don’t take a big loan soon

Don’t take any loans soon, once you start earning. It will take away your freedom to try different jobs or different things for your work. Your big loan will not allow you to leave your current earnings to start your own start-up. You have to keep earning and you will never get a chance to try your luck as an entrepreneur.

Let’s say, for example, you are in a job but don’t like working there. But just because you have taken a home loan you can’t quit your current job. You have to keep on doing your current job to pay the EMI of your home loan.

Don’t take a loan for things like a phone, tablet, or PC. Unless the gadget, you bought is going to help you earn money.

Important Point To Remember:

If I am telling you to not take any loans soon, then remember this. Now it becomes very necessary that you have to save and invest some money towards your future loan or a future big purchase like a house. That too in instruments that beat inflation that is going to happen in the next few years, while you are busy setting up your start-up or looking for a good job for yourself. So after some years if you think that now you are settled in every possible way and want to take a house, then your investment towards that will take care of a big amount towards your house loan.

According to my learning and experience, these were some key points that help a person in their 20s to make the rest of their life happy, healthy, and wealthy. If you like my article then please share this article with your friends and family. Subscribe to this blog to get these kinds of posts straight to your inbox.

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