How does goal setting help to achieve desired results?

Set your GOALs, this will help you in life. But why should I set it? How does it help? To get these answers, let us get started on goal setting.

Goal setting will help you focus on what you want to achieve, and what should be done to get there.

Let’s see how to set a GOAL- goal setting

First, we have to get committed to the target that we want to achieve.

But, how can we do that? By writing down our goals on paper.

With that target, I will also suggest writing down approx time duration to complete that target (e.g within 2 months or 6 months; or by 21 July).

Initially start with only one or two goals. Now,

place the paper where you have written your goals, in a place where you can easily revisit or review it every day or at least 3 times a week.

goal setting
goal setting

Let’s see how does goal setting work

Now, you know, what you want to achieve and already shown your commitment toward it by writing it down on paper, and revisiting your goals every day. My friend, here you are done with the most important task of setting a GOAL. Now you are less likely to do unnecessary things that truly waste your time. You will become more aware of where you are spending your time and energy. Possibly you will become so aware of your time spending factor that you will manage your spare time on tasks to achieve your goals only. No more time-wasting will happen. After this activity, you will come to know the fact that before goal-setting, a lot of your daytime used to gone unutilized.

You will see a lot of opportunities coming your way to achieving your target since you have set your frequency (rather say your mind is set on that frequency) to achieve what you want. It is not that opportunities started pouring in now only after setting goals, it was there earlier too, but you were not programmed to see those, since you were so busy doing unnecessary things that you simply could not see the opportunities. Now, with goal setting your mind is very much focused on what you want, so you can clearly differentiate between opportunities coming your way and unnecessary things.

goal setting
goal setting

See now you are much focused on your goals, so you will do all possible efforts to achieve those. In this case, your possibility to reach your target becomes very very high. It will become 99 % sure of you to achieve your goals that too within your set time limit. You will defiantly meet your desire by setting your Goals.

GOAL setting can be helpful to anyone

Now If you say, I am a homemaker, how will it help me? or I am doing a job, how will it help me? or I am just a student, how will it help me?

Do you have a desire for something? If YES… then you defiantly have a GOAL to achieve. Goal setting gives good results to all who sets it, whether it set by homemaker, student, or by a person who is doing the job.

If you are a homemaker, you have the desire to see your children doing good in their studies. So you have a goal here i.e your kid should do great in their mid-term exam of course as per his/her caliber. Now you will learn a new way to make study fun for your kid, pay more attention to their study and look for more ways so that you help them in their study. Find out which subjects going tough on them. This way study will become easy for your kids and they will eventually do good in your exam.

If you are doing a job, you have the desire to start your small business with a job. So you have a goal here that next 3 or 6 months you want to start a business with an ongoing job. So now you start working on how can you manage your time with your job and business together. You will start to look out for the way that helps you in managing both together. With goal setting, you will able to do proper planning and will able to manage your time better way. You will stop wasting your time on unnecessary things and utilize that for your business.

5 Reasons to set a goal for yourself to lead your way to success

Just to summarize

  1. Identify your area or improvements or things that you want to achieve
  2. Write it down on paper (Don’t forget to add fix time limit or date to achieve that GOAL)
  3. Place the paper or stick it where you can daily revisit it easily.

I have tried and tested the above GOAL setting steps by myself, and I found it very effective to get the results I want. I keep using those GOAL setting steps in my day-to-day life. GOAL setting has done wonders for me. I am sure, it will work for you as well. Don’t wait and start setting a goal for what you want to achieve and see magic coming through. If you like my article, please share it with your friends and family, so that they do get the benefit of goal setting.

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