more options more confusions

How more options can lead to more confusion?

With great power comes great responsibility”

This is as true as the one below (my version).

“With so many options come more confusion”

Sound silly at first, but think through it. In this internet era, we are surrounded by so many options/offers for any single thing.

It feels good at first, that we have many options to choose from. However, it drains our energy and takes more time to choose a single thing. Most of the time, we become clueless and might leave that thing halfway done.

Let me tell you HOW.

1. More options lead to more decision-making.

2. More decision-making uses more of your energy and time.

3. More energy and time used in deciding something can leave you exhausted and confused.

4. In confusion you may leave things halfway done or it may impact your next task in a row since you are now exhausted due to too many choices.

As soon as I realized this fact, I started minimizing my options to reduce my decision-making in a day.

You can reduce your decision-making in many aspects like what to wear for the office, what to cook for dinner, etc by pre-deciding things in advance.

How about you? How much energy and time do you invest in taking any decision in a day?

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