What is Meditation? How can we do it daily and easily? The easiest way

Meditation. For many years, I have hyped this word in my mind. I used to think it was something that I can’t do or needed lots of learning to practice it. However, over the period of time, I had some great discoveries related to the word ‘Meditation’ which made me realize it is as simple as we breathe but can be challenging to practice if we don’t understand its deep meaning.

I want to share my learning about meditation so that you can be benefited from it too.

Meditation is the art of bringing oneself to the present moment.

Poonam Bhatt

“Meditation is the art of bringing oneself to the present moment”. This is the simplest definition of it.

If you ever observe your thought process, you will realize that you live in your past regretting it or maybe in the future being anxious about it but never in the present moment.

I can see your head just nodded in agreement. 😃

Living in the past brings regret and living in the future makes you anxious and worried about it. However, it stops you from living your present. Thus, you lost many of your moments without living in them.

Then, what is the solution to be in the present moment?

Well, this is an external effort that you have to do to bring yourself back to the present moment. I know it is tough, but not impossible. You can do it. 😃 Just like me.

Try to be in the present moment as much as you can. If you ever caught yourself dwelling in past or in the future, bring yourself back into the present moment and try to be there at least for a minute. This process will take time to master, but consistency is the key. Slowly increase this number to 2 minutes, 4 minutes, 6 minutes, and so on. In some days you will master this art of being in the present moment called meditation.

Now, if you still say that this is a difficult task to be in the present moment, then I have a solution for it too 😉. Read a little more to find out.

Now, your challenge is, how to be in the present moment. You must have noticed that if you do things that you really like, then you feel so relaxed. Those tasks will never be tiring to you.

Have you ever wondered WHY?

Because you like it so much that you are totally present in the present moment. Anything activity that brings you back to your present moment is your meditation. Therefore you never feel tired doing it or even feel relaxed after doing it.

Any activity that helps you bring back to the present moment and holds you there for a while is your meditation.

Poonam Bhatt

While doing things you like you actually doing meditation. Those tasks can be different for different people. It can be reading, cooking, drawing, knitting, dancing, etc. For me, it is reading.

So try to be in the present moment as much as you can. Once in a while, do tasks that you really like. This way you will be doing meditation most of the time.

Hope my discoveries might be helpful to you!

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