How To Be Happy and Stay Happy Always In Life?

We all strive for HAPPINESS. No one wants to be unhappy in life. But we always misunderstand happiness. We often switch to our happiness in others’ hands, so we suffer. With these 5 keys by your side, it is simple and easy to be happy. I called it happiness FLAGS. So let’s uncover the 5 keys secret to being happy and keeping that happiness in life.

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Here are Happiness FLAGS:

F: Forgiveness

We come across many bad incidents in life that left us with anger, grudges, sorrow, and pain. Sometimes someone wronged us and we move ahead in life with a lot of grudges and anger for the person or incident. Such bad memories never left us alone, and keep coming to us time and again and making us UNHAPPY.

Forgiveness is a great tool that can make us free from those bad memories. You have to forgive the person from the bottom of your heart who has wronged you. Irrespective of whether the person is sorry or not for what he/she has done. This will help you make peace with a past bad experience.

It helps you move ahead in life without grudges and pain. You will be free from all the mind chatters that used to come anytime to recall the bad incident. In case it still visits, but this time it has less or no power that can hurt you. After you forgive you feel so light in your head due to no or fewer chatters. This will help you make room in your mind for new possibilities.

So FORGIVE and get HAPPINESS in the form of PEACE.

Forgiveness: Forgive others and gift yourself peace of mind

L: Less Expectation

We depend on others a lot for our own happiness. For example, we become UNHAPPY, if someone says something that we have not expected. We become UNHAPPY if someone does not behave the way we have expected them to. This way we give power to others to make us UNHAPPY whenever they want.

Have LESS EXPECTATIONS from others for the HAPPINESS.

A: Acceptance

People and situations are never going to be in our control. So instead of being upset when they do not go the way you want them to, practice accepting it the way they are. This will make your life a lot easier than before. You will be saved from a lot of drama that takes place in your mind when you are upset. This will give you the freedom to be happy in any situation irrespective of it is bad or good.

Start ACCEPTING people the way they are to have INDEPENDENT HAPPINESS.

PAUSE & REFLECT: Are you reflecting better?

G: Gratitude

There are many things around us that are freely and easily available to us. Like food, water, shelter, family and friends, etc. The list is countless. Instead of being thankful for those blessings, we are always engrossed in what we don’t have. We take all these blessings for granted. To become happier every day and in every moment, we must focus and start counting our blessings.

Have GRATITUDE for what you have to become HAPPY every day, every minute.

S: Satisfaction

We are always attracted to materialistic things. If we meet our one materialistic desire, the next desire always pops up and we start running towards it. We are never able to say this is enough for me now. These materialistic things always make us run after them. If we don’t learn to say enough to those materialistic desires, then it will always make us run after them. If we say enough to those desires then we will become content and become HAPPY.

Have SATISFACTION towards materialistic things to have HAPPINESS.

I know HAPPINESS FLAGS takes time to come into daily practice. Though I have shared the knowledge, I am also learning to implement them in my life. If you like this post then do share it with your friends and family. Consider subscribing to my blog for such informative posts.

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