Pause and Reflect: Are you reflecting better?

Every bad day/bad experience/bad conversation is a great opportunity to pause and reflect on what went wrong and what should be changed to avoid such a situation in future.

There are many days or many conversations that do not turn out to be the way we want them to be. We feel good and confident about the days/conversations that go as per our expectations. On the other hand, a bad day or bad conversation makes our minds full of chatters and the days more chaotic.

Whereas a good day/good experience/good conversation makes us more confident and makes us feel so much happy, then a bad day/bad conversation/bad experience have some great learning associated with it. That we most tend to neglect and try to move on from it. But before moving on from it, PAUSE and give yourself chance to REFLECT (at least for 5 minutes) on incidence or experience or conversation that went wrong.

What Is your Special Moment Today?
Read a story to know what is a special moment, and Reflect on it.

The reason for a bad day/bad conversation/bad experience can be:

  1. The situation did not work according to your expectation.
  2. You did not have enough acceptance towards the other’s approach.
  3. Your patience level ran out.
  4. You already overthink the situation before even entering into it.
  5. Your past experiences made you react that way.
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As per my experience, it can be for the above reasons only, and if you think that you have more reason to add on feel free to write it in the comment section. I will be more than happy to include it in the above list.

Now that after pausing and reflecting on what went wrong and why it went wrong, we are here with the reason why it happened. As soon as we are aware of the reason we got a solution too. That is enough to avoid such things in future. Or at least we are in a better position to overcome or handle such a situation in future. And trust me that is the best weapon to make your mind chatter-free and calm & days less chaotic.

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