Passive Income Ideas for 2024- How to generate passive income?

What is Passive Income? It is an income where you work once, and it generates income thereafter without working you more on that task. It is like you work just once and you will keep getting income for that work, even while you are slipping. Isn’t it great?… Let’s see some of the passive income ideas.

Create a course for your skillset

If you are good at something (that I am sure you are), then you can create a course around your skillset. You might be good at reading, speaking, or writing any language, singing, dancing, cooking, etc. You might be a good programmer. It can be any skill that you are good at and you can create courses to teach that skill. There are many websites that support such courses. Some of such websites are :




Sell stuff online to generate passive income

You can sell stuff (like books, clothes, stationery, beauty products, and many more things) online on websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Firstcry, Limeroad, Myntra, Meesho. For that first, you have to find a way to get products at wholesale rates. Second, you have to enter products details on these websites. Later on, you just have to keep maintaining the inventory. Amazon even takes care of the shipping of your products.

Create online content

The Internet has changed our lives a lot. You can find almost anything on the internet. In this internet era, ‘Content is King’. You can create content in a form of written (blog, e-books), video (youtube, Instagram reel). If you get good internet traffic on your content, then you can runs advertise that can earn you money.


Do long term investment in stock or MF

Get good company stock or Mutual funds for the long term. Over a period of 3 to 5 years, your stock or mutual fund value gets appreciated to give you a good return.

Invest in real estate for rental income

Invest in real estate that you are not going to use for your staying purpose. Get a small flat or small shop that you can give on rent. This will give you monthly rental income.

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Affiliate marketing

If you are into blogging or video making, you can have affiliate income by advertising products of Amazon, or Flipkart. On selling of that products from your blog or video will make you earn affiliates income.

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Above mentioned passive income ideas take some time to begin generating good income. Just decide on which idea is the best for you from above, then start working on it. Trust me you will need a lot of patience, and consistency to start generating income. Once you start working on any of the above ideas, then hard work, consistency, and patience are the key reach to the level of success you dream of.

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