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Show Your Work: Book Summary: How To Get Noticed With Ease & Build a Community Of Like-Minded People!

Show Your Work: Book Summary: Are you an aspiring creator, artist, or writer who is struggling to make a mark in a world full of identical talent?

Look no further than the “Show Your Work” book (as a matter of fact ‘Show Your Work’ Book Summary Too) – a must-read for creators, artists, and writers.

The book will revolutionize the way you approach your craft. In this digital age, it’s not enough to simply have talent; you need to know how to showcase and promote your work effectively.

Written by renowned author Austin Kleon, “Show Your Work” provides valuable insights and actionable tips on how to gain visibility and connect with like-minded people.

This book works as a guiding torch in darkness for newbie people in the creative world, which can help them stand apart in a competitive world.

Prepare to be inspired, motivated, and armed with the tools you need to thrive as a creator. Don’t let your talent go unnoticed – it’s time to learn how to show your work to the world!

As a book lover, I am sure that, you understand that a book summary is not an alternative to reading a book. A book summary is just an effort to motivate readers to read the book. Get the book from Amazon.

Book Content: Show Your Work Book Summary

Show your work: book content


In the book, Show Your Work, Austin Kleon says you don’t have to be a genius to start showing your work. Instead, accept yourself as an amateur. An amateur is always open to learning new things, ready to explore new ideas. While being an amateur, try to learn new things and share what you learned. And people who love the same thing will find you.


Austin Kleon focuses on showing the whole creative process that is required to make a final masterpiece, let it be paintings, poetry, stories, or anything, or any work. Take people backstage and show them the full process, despite the process being messy. By showing people the process, you can connect with people of the same interest in a better way. People who have the same interest love to see the process that how you are doing your art.


Austin Kleon mentions in his book sharing something small every day. One single share does not mean any significance, but at the end of the whole month, when you look back at what you have shared, you can see patterns in your work and have great discoveries about your work. It can also work as your latest resume of work you have done last month. Don’t worry about which platform to select to share your work, but start with which works best for you. Just choose one platform and start sharing bits and pieces of your daily work.


We are always inspired and motivated by many things that are made by others. Our liking makes us who we are. When we share what we like then people who have the same liking will connect with us.

But don’t let others make you feel guilty for your liking. What you like is your taste, and never feel guilty for your true liking.

show your work by austin kleon book summary
Show Your Work by austin kleon book summary


Austin says in his book that, any work doesn’t speak for itself, rather we have to say a good story for that work. Everyone likes a story. People will feel good or bad about the work according to the story you tell them. People see your work through your stories. So, always tell a great story about the stuff you create. They will see your work through your stories and believe in your work based on how good a story you tell them.


The best way to master your learned skills is by teaching people what you have learned. This way you can repeat your learning and can become a master at your skill. Astin Kleon says, the best restaurants always share their recipes with others, and interested people come along and learn. In the process, restaurants become better at their recipes.

Remember, nobody else can become the best by just having the knowledge that you have. You help others with your knowledge and you will discover many people who want to learn from it.

Recently, I put this point into implementation. A few days back, I started learning copywriting skills. I learned quite a few things that can be useful for new writers/bloggers. So I created a ‘FREE Copywriting Crash Course’ that will operate on email. And to my surprise, it helped many writers and bloggers. They got the knowledge and I got the chance to sharpen my learned skills. (If you are interested too then, here is the link to the FREE Copywriting Crash Course).


Autin Kleon says you can’t be spamming about your work wherever you go. If you only focus on YOU and your work, then nobody is going to connect. If you want to get noticed then first you have to notice others’ work. And pay attention to them, listen to them. Don’t turn into human spam, but turn into the open node.


As Astin Kleon says in a book, when you start sharing your work, you will come across many people. And from them some of whom will turn out to be haters for no reason. Don’t give much energy to them. Bad criticism should not be the end of your work. If you think such punches get more serious and affect your image then consider blocking the person. But don’t feed the troll. And don’t let this affect your work.

show your work by austin kleon book summary
Show Your Work by Austin Kleon book summary


Austin says, artists also need to eat and pay the bills. If your work is not yet mature enough to sustain your bills, then find out other ways to earn like a day job, or spouse earning, etc. This support will let your life go on with your creative work and you get time to experiment and figure out your creative work.

Also when you see others doing great in their creative journey then don’t be jealous but celebrate their victory.


This journey is long and might be hard too. But you will get your success only if you stick around for a longer time. You can’t quit since you might not know where you get your next job. Keep doing your creative work and keep on sharing it.

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As I told you earlier that a book summary is not an alternative to reading a book. This summary is just an effort to motivate you to read the whole book. Trust me you are going to love this book and get motivation to keep on walking on this creative path. So get your dose of motivation today.

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