develop reading habit in child

How to develop the reading habit in a child?

To develop the reading habit in a child is kind of challenging stuff, but not impossible. Reading has so many benefits like improve vocabulary and improve language fluency, create great imagination and visualization & calm a child’s mind. If we make reading a habit in the early years of childhood it remains their lifelong habit. Here, I am not referring, only child’s study-related reading material. Rather I am insisting on other reading stuff.

Without wasting any time let’s discover how can we develop reading habits in children.

Make reading a daily habit and read to your child often

To develop the reading habit in your child, daily set aside 20 to 30 minutes for reading. It may be before bedtime or any other time suitable for both you and your kids. This way it will become a daily habit and following it becomes easy.

Sometimes you should read to them as well. You can read to them some storybook. Don’t forget to add some dramatic expressions ( like lion’s roar ) while telling stories. Kids will enjoy this time and look forward to it.

You can tell stories to 3 to 4 months old child also. Kids of this age really like interaction and this is a great way to interact with them. Add some emotions to a story by being happy, crying, laughing and they will love it.

develop reading habit in child

While you read to them, connect story morals with real-life incidents. Like for example ‘Lion and Mouse’ story, teach them to ‘help each other’ and ‘never fill anyone inferior’. So tell them, to help others and don’t think anyone inferior. This way you can teach them good values.

Discuss with your child what they read

After they finish reading for the day, ask them what was that book story about, who were the story characters, who is their favorite character, and why and many more discussions can happen with them.

Help your child in their reading

While kids are reading, sit with them, help them when they struggle with some words. This way they won’t feel irritated if they can’t read any words, and their interest to read stay up.

Re-read to your child, or let child re-read

Kids love to re-read the same book or a story. The reason for that may be, they want to relive the memories with the story, or they feel emotionally attached to the story, and maybe just to get more clarity with the second and third read. So they may ask for the same book for their reading or may ask you to re-read the same story. Go with the flow, and let them read what they want to read.

Here, I can give you small tip for re-reading stuff. I let my kid read one set of books (any 4 to 5 books) for a week or so. Then next week, I take those books back and give him another set of books to read. This way rotation of books gives him a new and fresh feeling for reading. I do the same with toys. Try this, this will also help you keep your house less messy.

Be a good example for your kid

Kids always imitate their parents. If you want to develop a reading habit in your child, then first you have to read. So switch off your TV and read at least for 30 minutes a day. If you already have a reading habit, then tell them how much you love to read. This way you can motivate them to read.

Create a reading space

Not necessary that this space is kinda reading room with a bookshelf or something like that. Chair near to the kid’s bedside or sofa with some of the kid and your books near to that will do.

Take care of below points for reading area:

  1. Enough light for reading
  2. Peaceful environment (Switch off the TV or any other form of distractions)
  3. Chose the child’s comfortable language to read
  4. Get books of kid’s level of reading
  5. Easy access to books in the house, so they take books on their own
  6. Avoid reading in train, bus or any other running vehicle

Take trips to the library and bookstore with your kids

Regularly, visit a library or book store with your kids. Where they can explore different books on their own. They see other people reading, which will encourage them to read.

develop reading habit in child

Let your child decide what to read

In order to develop the reading habit in a child, it is the best idea that kids chose books base on their interests. It can be a comic, storybook, any informative book, or even a newspaper. (But check on that they chose, their age-related reads). This will help to develop their interest in reading. Later on, they will automatically start to read other things because they now like to read. By giving them the independence to choose their reading material, they will also develop confidence.

Give your child books from different genres

At the initial stage of reading, parents have to give variety in reading material. So that you get a better understating of what your kids love to read. You have to experiments with different kinds of book genres. Eventually, you will come to know what kind of books they like to read. Books that you have purchased and your child might not like it today, but maybe after 6 months or so they find it so good to read. So think of it as a future investment for your kids.


Let your kid read on every day to day things

Encourage your kid to read on what is written on daily routine things like, toothpaste, brush, on their clothes, text on the bottle, and when you go out what is the name of the shop, what is written on any vehicle, number plate, house nameplate. This helps in practicing their phonics.

Reward your child for reading

A Reward system is a great way to encourage kids. If children finish reading some book, give them their favorite sweet dish in a meal, or chocolate or toy. You can give your kid a small mealtime celebration at home by preparing kids’ favorite dishes. And let him/her know, this treat is just because he has finished reading some book.

develop reading habit in child

Gift your child a book

On their birthday gift them a book, along with other toys. You can tell other family members also to gift books.


How to develop the reading habits in a child, the article was able to help you then, please share this article with your friends and relatives to make their parenthood journey better.

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