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Go, Get Your Life GOALS in 2023: It is never too late – 1

You are never late for things that you want to achieve.

After my baby was born, I decided to quit my IT job to take care of my little one.

It was a tougher job to take care of a little one. However, even tougher was to accept the fact that I am not working anymore (and might not get a chance in the future to work in the IT field due to the endless responsibilities of my baby).

The early 5 years with the baby were exhausting and I had no time for myself. However, with the passing of time, I used to get a little time every day for myself.

At that phase of life, with that little time in hand, I tried some freelancing work, but soon I realized that with that little time, it was going to be impossible. So I buried that thought of freelancing.

God closes one door but opens many more. We have to look for it. Being an avid reader, I also like to write. So I started to write on my blog ( People started to love my writing and start to appreciate it.

After reading many non-fiction books and with my own life experience I figured out, what it needs to become successful in life with your decided goals. I decided to write it down for others so that others too get benefit from it. To cover a topic that is very vast, a book is the only option.

No, it was not an easy thing to write a book…..

At first, I had so much self-doubt.

1. Is it too late for me to do something?

2. Will I get enough time to write every day with my child’s responsibility in hand?

3. Who am I to write on the topic?

4. There are many things already said on the topic, what I say will matter?

With those self-doubts occupying my mind, there was one more thing I have to complain about and that is very little time I get on a daily basis.

I was left with 2 choices.

First, complain about my very little time and don’t write at all.

Second, I utilize that very little time that I get in a day, and progress towards my goal little by little every day.

I chose to go with the second one and totally ignore the doubts that came to my mind, making book writing my goal. I made a proper plan and started writing my book.

I decided to write for 30 -40 mins daily for my book.

I was determined and consistent. Even if I don’t feel like writing on some days, then also I showed up and wrote for the day.

I could successfully reach my goal of converting my Idea into a book.

Soon my book was ready,

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Lesson Learned: Goal Setting: Its never too late

  • There is no constraint on your ambitions to come true.
  • It is never too late to do things you want to do.
  • You can achieve whatever you want even if there are so many limitations. It just needs your determination and perseverance.

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