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Go, Get Your Life GOALS in 2023: Common mistake to avoid in goal settings – 2

Go, Get Your Life GOALS in 2023: Don’t make this mistake at the very start of goal setting to regret it later. Yes, you read it right… a mistake in goal setting. This mistake can fail your goal setting. Let’s see what is this mistake.

People often make the mistake of choosing others’ desires as their own goals. Remember, until you don’t have your own desire to do something, you will not have a deep willingness to do it.

Many times we get little motivation from others (maybe our guardian or parents or maybe friends) to do something, and we misunderstood it as our want and set it as our goal.

But external motivation doesn’t last long.

You might have faced this while you have set your goal. Initially, you feel motivated enough for the task, but after getting some tough times (that you definitely have in any goal), you may start losing your motivation to do the same and eventually leave that task half done.

What can be the reason for that?

You may think, I had enough motivation for the task and all the required resources too. Then why did I leave it?

I tell you what was the reason, your chosen goal was not the thing that you deeply wanted to do. Rather, external motivation has made you think that it should be your goal.

Another reason can be, sometimes just because of FOMO(fear of missing out), you may choose something as your goal. For example, if all your friends around you keep talking about MBA, and choosing MBA as further education, then you may start feeling that you also should do an MBA. Without deep diving to understand that you really want to do that, you get admitted to an MBA and might fail to complete it, since your decision was influenced by FOMO. Then you lose your confidence to do any other thing as well.

In order to avoid taking something as a mistaken goal out of external motivation or FOMO, we should give that thought enough time.

You should take a break from thinking about that goal all the time. If it is just an external motivation or FOMO, then after some days of break, the motivation to do that thing will not be going to exist at all, or FOMO might be gone.

After the break ask yourself a question, Do you still want to do it?

The points I have mentioned here look small but if not taken care then they may fail your goal setting.

Hope this information is helpful to you.

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Lesson learned: Common mistakes to avoid in goal setting:

  • Don’t make others desire your own goal
  • Don’t make goals out of FOMO (fear of missing out)
  • Before finalizing any goal, give yourself a break from thinking of that goal, then ask yourself, ‘Do you really want to achieve that goal?’.

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