To-Do List: Why it is important?

To know, Why the TO-DO list is important? Read On this story.

Reena wakes up in the morning. Her mind was running fast like a bullet train and reminding her about her pending things that has to be done today, tomorrow and in the coming week. The pending things list added up with tasks pending from yesterday. She started to feel overwhelmed by the things that is to be done. She also started to feel the pressure of keeping all tasks listed in her mind and the pressure of not forgetting important tasks. Due to that, she could not focus on the things she is doing right now.

“What happened? You look stressed early in the morning”, Asked Rajat(Reena’s husband)

“Nothing, it is just that there is a lot to be done today, tomorrow and this week. However, I am not able to focus on my current task, since I am overwhelmed by a lot of task lists in my mind”, said Reena

“Why don’t you write down the things that you have to do? Make a TO-DO list. Then just prioritize the tasks in your list and finish them one by one.”, Said Rajat

“Will it help?” Asked Reena

“Of course, give it a try.” Said Rajat

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She then wrote down all the things on paper one by one, that are pending and needed to be done.

Then she gave the number to all the tasks as per their priority.

Benefits that Reena gets after writing down TO-DO List

The moment she wrote the things down on paper she felt relaxed. Since she could put the burden of remembering things aside, she could focus better on things she is doing right now. Unlike earlier, most of her energy was being wasted remembering things in her mind.

The next big thing that becomes possible after making a TO-DO list is, that she could use her time pockets well in a day. Time pockets are a small amount of time that you get in between your routine tasks in a day.

After having her TO-DO list ready on paper, when she gets a time pocket in a day, she could check her TO-DO list and find out which is the best suitable task to be done in that available time duration. She picks the task accordingly.

Now, when she gets time pockets, she doesn’t have to waste her time thinking about what to do next and can straight jump in to do the task itself.

Once she completes any task from her TO-DO list, she can mark it cross and move ahead with the next one.

She now very well knows the tasks that are completed and tasks that are pending. She can also add new tasks to the existing list.

Now when any task gets done, she gets happiness, satisfaction and motivation. With this, she also gets the confidence to complete the pending tasks and speeds up her journey.

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TO-DO list has so many benefits. So start making your TO-DO list and be free from the pressure of keep reminding yourself of the important task. If you like this post then you can subscribe to this blog to get more such useful posts straight into your inbox. I love to hear your thought on this post. Do give your comments in the comment section. If you find this post useful then share it with your friends and family.

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