Best books for NEW READERS: Books that help DEVELOP A READING HABIT

Best books for new readers, really? Is it something really exists? YES. If you are one of those who understand the benefits of reading but find it difficult to read. Or if you are one of those who find that reading is not my thing, then you might have started your reading journey with the wrong book. In this post, I am going to recommend some easy and small reads that will be enough to keep new readers engaged in reading and in the process help them develop their reading habits.

Reading has so many benefits

  1. You become calm with reading.
  2. Reading helps you improve your knowledge, vocabulary and language proficiency.
  3. It improves your imaginative power.
  4. By reading books, you can learn from others’ experiences and mistakes.
  5. It helps you deal with different kinds of people and different human behaviours and different situations.

I have just mentioned a few of the benefits of reading, but you get the point that reading is important.

Let’s start with books that can help a new reader develop a reading habit.

Sudha Murthy’s Books

Sudha Murthy’s books-for-new-readers-to-develop-a-reading-habit

She is one of the finest writers in India. Her writing is very simple and she writes about her own experiences in a very simple way. You will find her writing interesting to read and easy to understand.

Robin Sharma’s Books

Robin Sharma’s books-for-new-readers-to-develop-a-reading-habit

He became the best selling writer from his book ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’. He has a very good style of conveying a message in a form of a story. His books will keep you engaged in his story while he teaches a good message that can transform your life.

Memoir or Biographies

SHOE DOG PHIL NIGHT : books-for-new-readers-to-develop-a-reading-habit

Memoir or biographies of famous people have their life stories or part of their life written in them. It is a kind of real-life experience in the form of stories. You will find it interesting to read and that will help you develop your reading habit.

Fiction Books

Amish Tripathi: books-for-new-readers-to-develop-a-reading-habit

These types of books have some great storylines throughout the book that you enjoy reading. These are imaginative stories with some great messages attached to them. They will be mostly in dialogue form and reading it feels like some scene is being performed in front of you. So you will find it interesting and don’t feel bored reading it.

NON-Fiction Small books


These books are non-fiction but have some great storyline associated with them so it is easy to read with some great message. More important is that, these are small books with very few pages that can be completed faster. So fast completion of the book can help you keep motivated for your next read.

These were some types of books that I find interesting to read and helped me develop a reading habit over the period of some years. Hope it will help you too. If you are determined to read, then you have to be consistence with it and put in a little effort every single day.

Any habit takes some time to be developed and childhood is the best time to develop any good habit. If you want to develop a reading habit in your child then read this post. How to develop the reading habit in a child?

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